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50% off All beginners 6 WEEK  burlesque courses

If you book  a Hen / Birthday with us in

This Applies to all attendees of the party

must mention upon booking

e frame

( does not apply to any previous purchased  courses )

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Burlesque Show Act Course - part 2


Show Act Course

 what to bring in


1) Please Bring Music  on a cd/ipod

2) Rehearsal props and prop costume bits

suited for your character.

eg:  what you bring for the above beginners  plus fun

props you may see your  burlesque persona using .

eg  hat. boa, skirt, cup and saucer anything.

3) Come in with a song you like no more than 3 minutes.

4) stage name.

5) come in with a very simple story plot we can play with -

have a look at our bb student videos -

click below and open up to you tube xxx
















Show  Act  Course

8.10pm - 9.10pm

Feb 22 - March 22































6 week course

non refundable


£30.00 - Deposit

6 week course

non refundable

£30.00 - Balance

6 week course

non refundable

Classes at  Jubilee Hall Clubs

Studio 2

30 The Piazza

WC2E 8Be
























1) Must attend min 8 weeks of  

Show Act course to do a performance  graduation show.


2) Courses are 5 weeks


3) Shows approx  every 3 months, depending on expression of interest from students.


4) Shows are optional, you can do the class without doing a show.


5) If your interested in doing a show you must

express interest up on booking.

We do require 100% commitment .


6) SHOW INFO - Please note as the course is a student course

We dont get general public to the shows

so we need to fill the room for atmosphere and cover costs.

So we do require you to bring at least 5

people to the show .  please understand this upon booking xx