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This Applies to all attendees of the party

must mention upon booking

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( does not apply to any previous purchased  courses )

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Come to this class with basic routine we help you build, you only book on this class if your doing the  show advertised with this class. You must practice in your own time and build your costume in your own time. We will help you with style tips for costume and makeup.


You must practice in your own time and we will twerk and werk that fabulous routine.

bring in your music , at least a base routine , to build on and start creating costume and props, we will guide and advise you to a fabululous you xx


Use reharsal props and costume until you have what you want xxx


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£45 per person

Our Locations

Our Locations




Jubilee hall clubs

30 the Piazza

Jubilee hall


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What to Wear

What to Wear



Burlesque Classes

Burlesque Classes

Burlesque for Beginners

Femme Fatale - Beginners Burlesque classes - Stage 1




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Fitness  First

6 Bedford  street

London WC2E 9HZ

Femme Fatale

Beginners Burlesque Classes



Since 2005

Stage 3

Femme Fatale - Beginners Burlesque classes - Stage 2 Femme Fatale - Burlesque Show Class - Stage 3






1 ) 

Book if you have paid for this stage 3  or paid in  the past and did not attend



Book if you intend to bring a an audience,  this  is 100% friends and family driven show.


we expect everyone to bring at least 6 to 10 persons each to fill the show and create the crazy amazing atmosphere we have in our shows due to this. This is how it works , please dont rely on the other girls xx


3)   Book if you have intention to book and intend to pay with a note of pay date as places are limited.




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Albert St



Stage 1

Gloves, Hold up stockings & shirt to peel and tassels week 4

Wear skirt or dress and any heels


Stage 2

Bring all the above and also a Track of music you would like to perform too on audio cd or mp3.

Bring in any costume & props you would like to play with


Stage 3

Bring in show costumes pieces and music and props you would like to use in a show






1)  Please note - classes are non refundable upon booking

2) Class dates may be changed by you up to 48 hours before.

3) Casses may not be sold on

4) When booking stage 3 you must let us know if your attending the show or not, you can do stage 3 without the show as your only paying for the course not the show - show is a bonus extra choice

5) Your are responsible for your own health in the classes - if you have any physically didabilities or sickness you must let burlesque baby know upon booking if this may affect you in class


6) We dont allow anyone in the class who has been drinking

7) Rude or threatening behaviour will result in you being asked to leave and not come back or provoking trouble with other students

8) if you are doing the show, please note  we sometimes film the show for our you tube chanel on occasion, Not every show is filmed.

if you wish to be filmed for our you tube chanel,  before being filmed  we will ask in advance, please note this is purely for you tube - no personal copies are given, this is purely for you tube  only.

9) If you wish to film for your own purpose  this is fine.

10) burlesque baby may change venues at short notice if any venues issues - obvioulsy rare

11 ) you are responsible to look at the class schedule every week in case of any changes to that days class times or venue

12) please note stage 3 is seperate than the show - stage 3 is not paying for the show - this is a seperate option - its not included in the package  you can do stage 3 without the show

13) if you do book yourself for the show, the condition is you have to bring a handful of fans/ friends and family as its a grdaution - if not enough people buy tickets it will be postphoned - tickets will be refunded but stage 3 will not as your not paying for the show, stage 3 pays for  the classes only.




July 5 to August 9th


8.10pm to 9.30pm

The Gym

Covent garden


£90-  ONLY -  12 PLACES

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Stage 3 - Art of Tease

The choreography of your own creative routine xxx


Burlesque Baby Graduation

20 AUGUST - 2017

Cast to arrive 2.30pm

Rehearsals 3pm - 5pm



6.30- 8.30pm

Freedom lounge



Please note

the show is reliant on you bringing  an audience

as this is a graduation show.


This means its only who you invite

to the show  that will come  to the show.

The show will not work with out

your particiapation.  

We highly encourage you bringing a handful of persons with you to support the show

the bigger the  audience, the more loud and fun the show is

please dont  rely on your cast mates  to bring people xxx